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Beam 12R 280W, Can be big or small

Moving head lights with this appearance and function are quite popular among customers, so we have launched Beam Mini 250W, Beam 280W, and Beam 380W versions. However, due to cost and other reasons, we do not recommend the Beam 380W version. Beam 12R / Beam 280W moving head light with RGB Ring, Model: JT-R280B.

Horizontal scanning: 540°, Vertical scanning: 270°.

0-100% linear dimming.

Beam angle: 0-2° adjustable.

Strobe: 0.5-15 times per second.

Frost effect

5 glass gobos + 9 fixed gobos + white

There is also a smaller Mini 250W, It has almost the same appearance and functions as the Beam 280W , but the price is much lower. Proportional to the price, its light intensity will be weaker, Mini 250W is suitable for smaller stages.

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