Led Moving Head

LED 350W 3in1 Moving Head With CMY&RDM

Product advantages: Powerful silent fan. Overheating protection.

Color wheel: 7 colors + white
Rotating gobo wheel: 7 gobos + white
DMX Channel: 20CH
IP Level: IP20

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Led 350w Hybrid Beam Spot Wash Stage Light with CMY for Disco DJ Bar 

Technical parameter

Electrical parameters:Voltage: 100V~240V AC, 50/60Hz
Power: 450W @ 220V
Power factor: PF>0.9
Light source specification:
Light source:350W high brightness LED
Color temperature:7500K-8000K
Life time:50000 hours
1 color wheel: 7 colors + white
Variable speed bidirectional with rainbow effect
Step/Linear conversion color optional
With CMY function, color can be adjusted;
Can be mixed to make the color richer.
Rotation gobo wheel:
1 rotating gobo wheel: 7 gobos + white
The pattern plate adopts a detachable design, which is more convenient to replace the pattern plate
5-facet prism, can be rotated in both directions
DMX linear focus adjustment, super smooth focus adjustment.
Electronic strobe, 0.3-25 times/second,linear dimming
Independent atomized lens, softer light
Rotation angle:
Use three-phase stepping motor, fast, quiet, with automatic return function.
vertical: 270°
Beam Angle:
DMX linear amplification, the beam angle can be freely switched from 8 to 35 degrees
Control mode:
DMX512 signal, 3-pin + 5-pin
20CH channel mode
Other functions:
Horizontal and vertical speed adjustable
Use powerful silent fan, LED temperature display, reduce power due to overheating, and ensure LED lifetime
Modular structure for easy maintenance
Housing material/protection level:
High temperature/UV light resistant engineering plastic
Protection grade: IP20
Net weight: 16kg
Gross weight: 19kg
packing size: (mm)
Working temperature:
Maximum ambient temperature 50°C

Photometric DATA



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Manual Led 350W CMY&RDM user manual
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