Beam&Spot Moving Head

Beam 20R 440W 450W Wash Moving Head Light

Roccer 20R 450W lamp, Super bright Beam

  • Brand: Joyfirst®
  • Model: JT-R450B
  • Color wheel: 14 colors + white, and seven color effect
  • Gobo wheel: 14 gobos(8 fixed gobos + 5 glass gobos + white)
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Beam 20R with Roccer R20 440W lamp, for indoor small and medium performances.

Beam 20R Moving Head Light Introduction

We designed this 450W beam moving head spotlight for the power demand of moving head lights for stage performances. Its brightness is very close to traditional moving head lights, powerful and wonderful. This is the best choice for your stage lighting show.

Reasonable use of Beam 7R Plus 230W, Beam 14R 295W, and Led Wash Lights, Led Par etc. can achieve more brilliant stage effects.


  • Lamp: Roccer 440W/450W (WITH OSRAM BURNER)
  • Channel mode:18 DMX512 Channel
  • Pan scan: 540°(16bit) Electric correction
  • Tilt scan: 270° (16bit) Electric correction
  • Amazing dot matrix, four tact switch, 180° turning show
  • Color wheel: 14colors + white, and seven color effect;
  • Gobowheel: 14 gobos(8 fixed gobos + 5 glass gobos + white);
  • Effect Wheel: 6 independent prisms, 8 prism/T prism/6+12 prism/16 prism/T prism/8+16+24prism, Can combine 17 kinds of prism effects;
  • 0-100% mechanical dimming, mechanical dimming and free dimming availa
  • Strobe macro control available;
  • Lens optical system alchemicalforce, beam angle 0~4°;
  • Over-heatprotection
  • PowerInput: 100-240V, 50/60Hz
  • PowerDissipation: 500W
  • IP level: IP20
  • Magnetic ballast and AC/Dc power supply
  • Product Size: 313*260*573mm
  • Packing Size: 480*440*725
  • Net weight: 5KG



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User Manual manual of 20R
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