Laser Lights

Laser Stage Light 10W 12W 15W RGB Full Color Animation Laser Light for Bar Wedding

Laser Power: RGB 10W-15W
Scanner system: 30-40KPPS Scanner
Effect: Laser Beam, Laser Show
Control Mode: DMX512, Music, Automatic, ILDA(can use quickshow Fb4 control)

JT-LS550 10W-RGB10000
JT-LS550 12W-RGB12000
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1. Please abide by local laws and regulations when using stage laser lights.
2. The stage laser lights must be operated in strict accordance with the specifications of the operation manual.
3. Do not expose laser lamps to crowds, vehicles, flammable and explosive items, etc. And remind the audience at the performance site: do not look directly at the light source, so as not to damage eyesight; do not use mobile phones, cameras, etc. to shoot at the light source, so as not to damage the sensor of the device.

Joyfirst Lights. 10W 12W 15W RGB Full Color Animation Laser Light For Bar DJ

Technical Parameters

Vlotage: AC110V/230V 50~60HZ±10%
Power consumption: 500wLaser light source: semiconductor laser
Laser modulation: TTL modulation
Laser power: 10W RGB (G3000 R3000 B4000) / 12W RGB (G4000 R4000 B4000) / 15W
Laser color: full color
Laser system: 30KPPS
Laser effect: laser full-color lines, laser full-color patterns, can be connected with QUICKSHOW software to control various animation programs
Control mode: voice control, self-propelled, DMX512, master-slave effect, ILDA computer software interface
DMX channel: 25 channels
Use environment: indoor
Applicable places: KTV, private room entertainment places, etc.
Lamp size: carton packing
Lamp weight: about 10KG

Laser Light Effect


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