Projector Bulb Burner Lamp Wick AC 300W

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Projector, Stage Beam Light, Lamp Wick / burner AC 300W. Factory direct sales/factory price direct selling / wholesales

Model No Power(W) Color temperature(K) Life(H)
UHP AC120W 120W 7800K 6000
UHP AC200W 200W 7800K 5000
UHP AC230W 230W 7800K 3000
UHP AC260W 260W 7800K 2800
UHP AC280W 280W 7500K 2700
UHP AC300W 300W 7500K 2500
UHP AC330W 330W 7500K 2300
UHP AC350W 350W 7500K 2000
UHP AC370W 370W 7500K 1800
UHP AC380W 380W 7500K 1500
UHP AC400W 400W 7500K 1200
UHP AC420W 420W 7500K 1000
UHP AC450W 450W 7500K 1000
UHP AC470W 470W 7500K 1000
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