Replacement Electronic Ballast for Beam Moving Head 295W Lamp – Ver.23.10

Working Temperature: 0 – 45℃
Working Lifetime: 1500 hrs(Depends on working conditions)
Light Source: HID
Adapted Light Bulb: 295W

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This ballast is suitable for Beam 14R 295W moving head lights,  Please follow our original factory manual, Output power can be adjusted manually.

The main functions of a moving head ballast are as follows:

  • Provide power: The moving head ballast provides power to the lamp in the moving head. It typically converts alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC) as needed by the lamp.
  • Control lamp current: The moving head ballast also controls the lamp current to prevent overheating or damage. It typically uses an inductor to control the lamp current.
  • Protect the lamp: The moving head ballast can also protect the lamp from damage caused by overvoltage or overcurrent. It typically uses a fuse or other protective device to protect the lamp.

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