Projector Lamp

Replacement Projector Lamp XL-2100 XL-2100U Bulb for Sony TV

  • Brand: Roccer
  • Item Weight: ‎14.7 ounces
  • Package Dimensions: ‎5.31 x 5.16 x 5.12 inches

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Compatible Models : Fit for Sony KDF 42WE655, KDF 50WE655, KDF 60XBR950, KDF 70XBR950, KF 42SX300U, KF 42WE610, KF 42WE620, KF 50SX300, KF 50WE610, KF 50WE620, KF 60SX300, KF 60WE610, KF 60WE620, KF WE42S1

TV Model Number Lamp Model Number Replacement Lamp Part Number
KDF-42E2000 XL-2400 F93087500
KDF-46E2000 XL-2400 F93087500
KDF-50E2000 XL-2400 F93087500
KDF-55E2000 XL-2400 F93087500
KDF-46E3000 XL-2500 F93089000
KDF-50E3000 XL-2500 F93089000
KDF-37H1000 XL-2500 F93089000
KDF-42WE655 XL-2100 A1606034B
KDF-50WE655 XL-2100 A1606034B
KDF-55WF655 XL-2200U A1085447A
KDF-60WF655 XL-2200U A1085447A
KDF-60XBR950 XL-2100 A1606034B
KDF-70XBR950 XL-2100 A1606034B
KDF-55XS955 XL-2200U A1085447A
KDF-60XS955 XL-2200U A1085447A
KDF-E42A10 XL-2400 F93087500
KDF-E50A10 XL-2400 F93087500
KDF-E55A20 XL-2200U A1085447A
KDF-E60A20 XL-2200U A1085447A
KDS-50A2000 XL-5200 F93088600
KDS-55A2000 XL-5200 F93088600
KDS-60A2000 XL-5200 F93088600
KDS-50A2020 XL-5200 F93088600
KDS-55A2020 XL-5200 F93088600
KDS-60A2020 XL-5200 F93088600
KDS-50A3000 XL-5200 F93088600
KDS-55A3000 XL-5200 F93088600
KDS-60A3000 XL-5200 F93088600
KDS-70Q006 XL-5000 93087200
KDS-R50XBR1 XL-5100 F93087600
KDS-R60XBR1 XL-5100 F93087600
KDS-R60XBR2 XL-5300 93088700
KDS-R70XBR2 XL-5300 93088700
KF-42WE610 XL-2100 A1606034B
KF-50WE610 XL-2100 A1606034B
KF-60WE610 XL-2100 A1606034B
KF-42WE620 XL-2100 A1606034B
KF-50WE620 XL-2100 A1606034B
KF-60DX100 XL-2000U A1601753A
KF-50XBR800 XL-2000U A1601753A
KF-60XBR800 XL-2000U A1601753A
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