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Roccer 1000W 110V 230V G22 Replacement Lamp Halogen Light Bulb

Brand: Roccer
Base: G22
Bulb Type: Halogen Bulbs
Wattage (W): 1000W
Voltage Range(V): 110V-240V

G22 1000W 110v
G22 1000W 230V
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Roccer 1000W 110V 230V 240V G22 Replacement Lamp Tungsten Halogen Light Bulb

C1012 64747 230 1000 G22 200 25000 3100

1. In order to prevent unnecessary personal and property losses, please ensure that the bulb is used on a suitable device or device to ensure that there are protective facilities such as a cover in the event of a burst.
2. Since the bulb will generate heat and produce ultraviolet rays, please ensure that the device and base meet the corresponding heat resistance requirements, and ensure that there are devices such as filters to prevent ultraviolet rays from escaping.
3. Do not install the bulb with electricity. Please use professional gloves when disassembling the bulb to prevent burns to touch personnel and contamination of the quartz glass of the bulb, resulting in reduced brightness, shortened lifespan or even glass shell rupture.
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