Tungsten Halogen Lamp

Roccer Par56 300W 230V 2800K MFL/WFL/NSP/VNSP Halogen Lamp

  • Brand: Roccer
  • Manufacturer: Changsheng


The parameter text marked in the picture is for reference only.

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Roccer Par 56 Halogen Lamp, applications: special effects; stage & studio, theatre

CS Code Beam Type Power Tension Peak intensity Color Temp. Overall length a Base Packing
Type W V cd K mm mm
C2105/V VNSP 300 230 2800 178 127 Mog End Pr 12
C2105/N NSP 300 230 2800 178 127 Mog End Pr 12
C2105/M MFL 300 230 2800 178 127 Mog End Pr 12
C2105/W WFL 300 230 2800 178 127 Mog End Pr 12
C2106 MFL 300 12 2800 178 114 Screw 12


The difference between CP60 CP61 CP62

1. The light bulb of CP60 is transparent, and the light beam it emits is very narrow, and the light-gathering effect is better.

2. The bulb of CP61 is frosted, so that the light beam can be dispersed more evenly, which is more divergent than the light beam emitted by CP60.

3. The light bulb of CP62 is frosted with mesh, and the light emitted is astigmatism, which is very soft and uniform. Compared with CP60 and CP61, its light beam is the most uniform.

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