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XLR Finished Cable Male to Female 3-Pin Microphone Cable for Speaker or PA System

Finished cable

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XLR Finished Lines are widely used in professional audio, video, and stage lighting equipment, as well as some musical instruments and headphones.

XLR cables are professional audio signal cables with the following uses:

  • XLR cables can be used to connect professional audio equipment such as microphones, recorders, mixers, amplifiers, etc., to transmit high-quality analog signals. XLR cables use a balanced transmission method, which can offset external interference, improve the signal-to-noise ratio and dynamic range .
  • XLR cables can also be used to connect stage lighting equipment such as light strips, fixtures, controllers, etc., to achieve synchronization and control of lighting. XLR cables come in different types and specifications to accommodate different lighting needs.
  • XLR cables can also be used to connect some musical instruments and headphones, such as pianos, guitars, saxophones, etc., to provide better sound quality and effects. XLR cables come with different connector shapes and sizes to match different instruments and headphones.
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