Led Moving Head

LED 100W Gobo Moving Head Beam Lights With LED Ring

  • Model: JT-D100G
  • Light source 1: 90W LED white lamp bead
  • Light source 2: 0.2W*12 RGB lamp beads
  • Color wheel: 7 colors + open
  • Gobo wheel 1: 7 gobos + open
  • Gobo wheel 2: 6 rotating gobos (4 glass + 2 metal)
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Product Short information

Mini 7R is a light launched by our company according to market demand, which is
smaller than Beam 7R, but has similar functions to Beam 7R, and its brightness is not inferior to Beam
7R. It had its first public presentation in April 2023 at Prolight+Sound in Frankfurt, Germany.

Technical Specifications

Voltage: AC100-240V 50-60HZ
Total power: 200W
Light source 1: 90W LED white lamp bead
Light source 2: 12 * 0.2W RGB 3in1 lamp beads
Color Wheel: 1 white light + 7 colors with bidirectional variable speed colorful red water effect
Gobo 1: 7 gobos + open, with bidirectional flow, variable speed shaking effect
Gobo 2: 6 rotating gobos (4 glass patterns + 2 metal) + open
Channel: 16CH
Prism: 3 facet, with unidirectional variable speed rotation
Control mode: DMX, master-slave, self-propelled, voice control
Lamp bead overheat protection
Protection level: high temperature resistant engineering plastics, IP20
With RDM function, the console can adjust the address code

Power Cable *1,DMX Cable *1, Quick Lock *1, Manual *1, Safety Cable *1
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User Manual JT-D100G



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