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Professional Spotlight Fresnel Studio Light Halogen Light 1000W

Color Temperature:  3200K
Power Consumption:  1000W 230V/110V

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This  Fresnel studio lights widely used in film and television shooting, studio lighting, outing interviews, factory workshop lighting, product and character photography, etc.

Lamp holder  G22
Color Temperature  3200K
Power Consumption  1000W 230V/110V
Dimension  250x290x430mm
Lens Diameter  130mm
Lamp Holder Line  Standard 3m, could order connection extension cord

Application Scenario

Some of the common uses for Fresnel studio lights include:

  • Portrait photography: Fresnel studio lights can be used to create a natural, soft look.
  • Product photography: Fresnel studio lights can be used to light products and reduce shadows.
  • Videography: Fresnel studio lights can be used to light studios and create even light.

Fresnel studio lights are a versatile lighting fixture that can be used for a variety of creative applications. They are a must-have tool for photographers, videographers, and other creatives.
Here are some tips for using Fresnel studio lights:

  • Use a softbox or grid to make the light softer.
  • Use a reflector to direct light to a specific area.
  • Use a dimmer to control the light’s intensity.
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