DMX Controller

R5 DMX Console Touch 2048 Powerful Lighting Controller for Large Venues

DMX512 channels: 2048
Screen: 12.1″ + 7″ capacitive screen
Lamp library: support pearl R20 lamp library
MIDI music synchronization: support
Create/edit light library: support

RDM Protocol: support

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Product Short information
Professional DMX512 Controller with 2048 channels, RDM protocol support. For Stage Lighting.
Technical Specifications
• Number of DMX512 channels: 2048
• Number of fixtures connected: 200
• A built-in 12.1-inch capacitive screen is used for replaying page turning and marking, and a 7-inch capacitive screen is the main menu function of the console.
• Address code for reconnection of computer lights: support
• Horizontal and vertical exchange of lamps: support
• Lamp channel inversion output: support
• Lamp channel sliding mode switching: support
• The most available control channels for each scanner: 40 main channels + 40 fine-tuning channels
• Light Library: Support Pearl R20 light library
• Number of saveable scenes: 150
• Number of scenes that can run simultaneously: 15
• Total number of steps for multi-step scenes: 600
• Scene timing control: fade in, fade out, LTP slide
• The number of graphics that can be stored in each scene: 5
• Fader to start scene and dimming: support
• Interlock scene: support
• Point control scene: support
• Graphics generator: can generate Dimmer, P/T, RGB, CMY, Color, Gobo, Iris, Focus graphics
• The number of graphics that can be run at the same time: 8
• Master fader: global master control
• Immediate black field: support
• Turntable to adjust the channel value: support
• Fader to adjust channel value: support
• Fader dimming: support
• MIDI function: support
• U disk reading: support FAT32 format
• RDM two-way protocol: support
• Net weight: 14.5kg Flight case packing weight: 28.5kg Flight case packing size: 79*60*32.5CM Carton packing weight: 17kg
Appearance Details

Parameter Manual

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Manual R5 Technical Parameter

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