DMX Controller

KK-256A DMX512 Performance Lighting Controller

DMX512 channel number:256
Channels for each fixture:32
Time control of Scenes:HTP, LTP

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● DMX512 channel number:256
● Fixture:16
● Channel slope modification:Support
● Channels for each fixture:32
● Playback:80
● Playback to run simultaneously:16
● Total Chase steps:100
● Built-in Shape :32
● Time control of Scenes:HTP, LTP
● Shapes for each Scene:2
● Scene and dimmer by slider:Yes
● Flash Scene:Yes
● Shape generator:Shapes of Dimmer, Pan/Tilt, RGB,and Color
● Shapes to run simultaneously:10
● Real time blackout:Support
● X/Y value by wheel:Support
● Chase speed by wheel:Support
● Dimmer by slider:Support
● USB Memory:FAT32 supported
● Net. Weight:4KG
● Weight in Carton:4.5KG
● Weight in Flight Case:10KG


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Manual KK-256
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