Beam&Spot Moving Head

Beam 7R Plus 230W Moving Head Lights DJ Stage Lighting

  • Brand: Joyfirst
  • Model: JT-R230B
  • LAMP: Roccer Platinum 230W
  • Color wheel: 14 colors + white, and seven color effect
  • Gobo wheel: 14 gobos(8 fixed gobos + 5 glass gobos + white)
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The upgraded product of Beam 7R.


7R Plus Banner



Item Download
User Manual  manual of JT-R230B


Item Download
7R Plus d4 230-250-260-280-18CH
7R Plus R20 230-250-260-280-18CH

For 7R(The Old Version)

Item Download
7R TwoPrism r20.R20   7R TwoPrism
7R TwoPrism.d4   7R TwoPrism



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