Joyfirst Beam Moving Head 7R 9R 10R 12R Wash Lights Stage Lighting

  • Brand: Joyfirst
  • Light Source Brand: Roccer
  • Channel mode: 18 DMX512 Channel
  • Color wheel: 14 colors + white, and seven color effect
  • Gobo wheel: 14 gobos(8 fixed gobos + 5 glass gobos + white)
  • Effect Wheel: 8 prism/8+16prism
7R Plus 230W
9R 250W
10R 260W
12R 280W
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Lamp: 230W/250W/260W/280W

Joyfirst 7R Plus Roccer Platinum 230W (Roccer)
Joyfirst 9R Roccer Platinum 250W (Roccer)
Joyfirst 10R Osram Burner 240W (Roccer)
Joyfirst 12R Osram Burner 260W (Roccer)
Channel mode: 18 DMX512 Channel
Pan scan: 540°(16bit) Electric correction
Tilt scan: 270° (16bit) Electric correction
Amazing dot matrix, four tact switch, 180° turning show
Color wheel: 14colors + white, and seven color effect;
Gobo wheel: 14 gobos(8 fixed gobos + 5 glass gobos + white);
Effect Wheel: 8 prism/8+16prism;
0-100% mechanical dimming, mechanical dimming and free dimming available.
Strobe macro control available;

Lens optical system alchemical force , beam angle 0~4°;
Over-heat protection 3
Power Input: 100-240V, 50/60Hz
Power Dissipation: 400W
IP level :IP20
Magnetic ballast and AC/Dc power supply
Product Size: 310*230*500mm
Packing Size: 635*440*725
Net weight: 14.5KG

Appearance parameter diagram


Parameter details



Item Download
User Manual manual of 7R Series


Item Download
R20 18CH Joyfirst_18CH
D4 18CH Joyfirst_7R_Series-18CH



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