Led Wash Lights

LED 19*20W RGBW Beam Wash Zoom 4in1 Moving Head Stage Lights

  • Brand: Joyfirst
  • DMX Channel: 19/27 Channels
  • Control Modes: DMX512/mater-Slave/Auto Run/Music
  • Light Sources: 19*20W 4IN1 RGBW LED
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Wash Zoom 19*20w moving head led wash lights

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Item Download
User Manual JT-D1920W


Item Download
R20 19CH Joyfirst_1920Z-19CH
R20 27CH Joyfirst_1920Z-27CH
MA 19CH Joyfirst@1920z-19ch@mode2___19ch
MA 27CH Joyfirst@1920z-27ch@mode1___27ch
d4 Joyfirst_1920Z



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