Led Moving Head

LED Beam 200W Moving Head Lights with RGB Ring for DJ Wedding Concert

  • Beam Angle: 0°- 2°
  • Color Wheel: 13 colors + Open
  • Gobo Wheel: 13 Gobos + Open
  • Prism Wheel: 8 + 16 + 24 facet Prism
  • Control Modes: DMX512/mater-Slave/Auto Run/Music
  • Light Sources: LED 150W
  • with Frost and Rainbow effect
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Product Short information
LED 200W Beam Moving Head Lights with RGB ring.
Technical Specifications
Input power: AC100V-240V, 50/60Hz
Rated power: 150W
Light source: High brightness 120W LED module
Display: LCD display, light temperature display, Chinese and English display, reversible display
Channel: 24 international standard DMX 512 channel
Control: DMX512 signal,Master-slave,Auto running, sound control
Horizontal scanning:540° (16bit precision scanning) electronic error correction; Vertical scanning270° (16bit precision scanning) electronic error correction
Gobo Wheel: 13 fixed gobos + open
Color Wheel: 13 color + open
Prism:8+16+24 facet prism, with effect movement;0-100% mechanical dimming, supporting mechanical stroboscopic and adjustable stroboscopic effect, supporting strobe macro function.
With Frost and Rainbow effect
Focusing: Electric focusing
The beam angle:0~2°
Other functions: overheating intelligent protection
Appearance:high temperature resistant flame retardant plastic
Protection grade:IP20
Net weight:7 KG
Power Cable *1, DMX Cable *1, Quick Lock *1, Manual *1, Safety Cable *1
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User Manual LED 200W with Ring
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